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30 Day Home Trial Policy

All new Monza BMX bikes come with our 30 day home trial policy. We encourage you to assemble, fit, and use your new bike in order to ensure that your new Monza BMX is a perfect match. Would the bike not beat your expectations we offer a free return with a full refund policy. Monza BMX cruisers are manufactured in limited quantities every year and we want to assure each rider is delighted with their BMX. Each bike is numbered & is sold exclusively in our online store direct to the customer so we can trace each product and assure unlimited customer service.


"I am 5´9 190lbs. I can ride it for hours"


"Amazing how a small company can outperform the big boys"

"One of the better made bikes out of the box"


"If you are on the fence about getting one just know that you won't regret it"

"I bought 2 26" for me and my son. Rode the Dfw BMX cruise"


"It’s the BMX I always wanted as a kid I could never afford it now at 48 years old I have my dream back I feel like I’m 15 again"

"This bike is so smooth to ride"


"The bike is beautiful! Everything about it is perfect. And its exactly like the one I had as a kid"

"Fit and finish is second to none"


"Love the bike! i heard about the company on a bmx list and automatically fell in love with the chrome frame"

"Rides like butter"


"Best BMX I’ve ever owned!"

"This bike screams 80´s with all the evolution of the parts creating the Monza 26"


"Love the BMX. Great quality. Fast and secure shipping. Having lots of fun cruising with the kids and wife"

"I´m 6ft 210lbr and size is not an issue at all"


"I love the smooth ride and the gearing"

Our Story

"We rode our BMX bikes together, exploring our neighborhood looking for adventure. We were best friends. Nothing could stop us."

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Monza 26" Assembly

By @harvesterbmx

Reinventing the BMX of your dreams

Monza Bicycle Club Inc have introduced a genuine old school BMX with heritage from the demanding bicycle motocross (BMX) bikes of the 1980´s. Alot of attention has been put into the design details of our dream bikes from the past. Developed not only to be a great BMX cruiser but also to deliver a modern tier one Dirt and Race bike experience. Monza riders enjoy a daily ride in the sun, some laps in the tracks or a ride out with the kids. The properties of the Monza BMX provides a maintenance free fit made in reliable 4130 chromoly steel (frame & fork) keeping the genuine feel of a true BMX cruiser. Monza bikes are available in 24” & 26”.


Rider size & Fit

Thinking about if the Monza is suitable for your size ?

Monza 24" and 26" bikes are designed and built for adult daily riders. Recommended factory data for maximum size of riders are up to 6"3 and 240lbs 

The 24" provides more ability for tricks and handling the bike like a true BMX. A stand up riding position for shorter cruises around the blocks, jumping curbs and doing bunny hops are all BMX features optimal on the 24". With a top tube length of 22,5" , among the larger frames in the BMX category, and a solid 4130 Chromoly frame and fork by TANGE ensures a durable frame for heavier riders at the same time as it maintains that true old school look and feel of the smaller dimensions tubing.

Monza 26" is based on the same feel of the 20" BMX bikes we once grew up with. Stepping up to the 26" model you will find a more comfortable sitting and pedalling position and it enables longer rides with ease.