About Monza BMX

About five years ago, I was drinking beer with my old friend Andreas. A few beers into the conversation we started talking about our childhood and our secret BMX club. The club was inspired by the movies we used to watch like The Goonies, ET and Stand By Me. As club members we rode our BMX bikes together, exploring our neighborhood looking for adventure.  We were best buddies. Nothing could stop us. I left that evening with a nice feeling and a smile on my face.

 Monza Bicycle Club USA | Old School BMX Bikes

In the coming weeks we spent every evening looking at old school BMX bikes online, reading about the history of BMX, mapping out all the classic components, studying frame geometry and so on. We were obsessed.

Monza Bicycle Club USA | Specialized BMX Bikes

Eventually - with the help from a friend who worked as a product designer at a local company - we started to put together sketches and technical drawings of the ultimate BMX bike. After several months we finally had a drawing and we started to reach out to various manufacturers in Taiwan trying to convince them to build a bike for us. Most of them turned us down. But we managed to convince one company to meet with us, legendary tubing maker Tange. The meeting went really well and we decided to move forward and produce the first edition of the Monza BMX.

Monza Bicycle Club USA | BMX Bike Manufacturer Tange 

Today we are happy and proud to have sold 1000s of bikes to great people around the world. And we are grateful that so many of these riders contribute to our growing community every day. You can apply to join the community here:  Monza BMX Owners Group

Monza Bicycle Club USA | Vintage BMX Bikes

The Bicycle Club has been resurrected, its growing and we look forward to taking the next steps with all of you.



Founder, Monza Bicycle Club

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Monza Limited and Numbered List

Each bike is individually numbered with a stamp on the bottom bracket

Monza Bicycle Club USA | Individually Numbered Chrome BMX Bikes

NEW 2021 (1300 bikes worldwide) 

24" Chrome #1341-1940

24" Metallic Black #1941-2140

26" Chrome #2141-2540

26" Metallic Black 2541-2640


Frame Number History

2018 sold out

20" Chrome #001-100

24" Chrome #001-100

2019 sold out

20" Chrome #101-150

20" Metallic Black #151-200

LOT 1/2 2019 sold out

24" Chrome #001-70

24" Metallic Black #71-140

LOT 2/2 2019 sold out

24" Chrome #241-310

24" Metallic Black #311-380 

2020 sold out 

24" Chrome #381-880

LOT 2/2 

24" Metallic Black # 1081-1110

24" Chrome # 941-1040

20" Chrome #201-230